Climbing Club Outing Report – Geoje-do


Laura climbing

Awesome climbing.

The overnight trip to Geoje-do (Geoje Island) was fantastic. After a road trip of jokes, junk food and naps, we stumbled out of the cars and headed to the crag, Ae-Bawi located in Hallyeo marine National Park. The crag was empty; nothing but a stunning rock wall and beautiful scenery of the mountains and ocean.

The ladies trying some Korean culture.

Everyone was stoked to climb in the picturesque setting, and with a bit of gumption, most of the climbers climbed all the routes. The climbs started with cruisey warm-up routes, and then moved into facey moves testing people’s creativity in contorting their bodies. The extra effort made the climbs all the more satisfying at the top. At the end of the day, people were craving for more climbs but a sizzling barbeque proved more enticing so we went down to the pension for dinner.    

Climbers having breakfast on the pension's porch.

The pension was worth the trip itself. Pension is a borrowed term from French meaning a boarding house. In Korea, the term refers to condos or cottage-type of accommodations. In our case, it was a huge house with private access to the beach. It may not have been the most luxurious place but the privacy and space made it feel exclusive. It was a great relief to be out of our small apartments in the stuffy cities and be able to stretch out.

While people were settling in, IGK guides were getting the meal ready. The appetizer was vegetarian nachos complete with fried kidney beans, melted mozzarella cheese, sour cream and salsa. The main course was an assortment of grilled delectables, veggie and beef sausages, spiced pork steaks, and veggies. The dinner was accompanied by an excessive amount of beer and soju that got carried into the next day.

The rest of the night ended with light-hearted talks of the climbs and dabbled into world perspectives. This group had a great handle on world perspective with people from Canada, Korea, America, France, Germany, Brazil and Chile. Hearing people switch from one language to another listening and communicating left a comforting impression of unity that put many in a deep sleep.   

Climbers waking up after a great night of revelry.

The next day started slowly with a breakfast of muffins, cereal, toast and coffee. Once people got the sleep out of their eyes, they started talking of the beach and off they went. The rest of the day was spent touring the island and visiting the popular tourist destination, Haegeumgang. Called the Diamond in the Sea, Haegeumgang is a group of islands made from rocky outcrops. The views were inspiring especially to the avid climber. After a seafood lunch at the local restaurant we started the road trip home with more jokes, junk food, and a head full of memories. 

Come join IGK’s next Climbing Club Outing and make your experience in Korea memorable.

IGK Climbing Club Outing: mountains, beaches and friends.

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